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Govt ramps up virtual abilities with 2,500 new tech recruits



2,500 ambitious tech talents will be recruited into digital roles in government by June 2025 through new apprenticeship and early talent programmes, the Cabinet Office has announced.

This is being kickstarted by the new digital apprenticeship programme, which will support the recruitment of 500 early career entrants into digital roles this financial year across government.

This new programme will provide the opportunity for both civil servants and new entrants to be recruited into the most in demand data and technology roles, such as Cyber Security Technologists and Software Developers.

The remaining 2,000 opportunities will include 1,300 additional digital apprenticeship programme roles, and 700 roles created through an expansion of existing departmental digital programmes, such as the Software Developer Programme.

Sheila Flavell CBE, COO of FDM Group said: “It’s encouraging that the government is investing heavily in the next generation of tech talent. At a time when AI and machine learning are at the top of the agenda for many boardrooms, the public sector has a fantastic opportunity to harness these technologies, enabling faster, more efficient public services.

“Apprenticeships are a key gateway for many young people to enter the world of work, and this initiative will be both beneficial in terms of operations and empowering the government to build a more diverse workforce, made up of people from all backgrounds,” she added.

Meanwhile, some of the UK’s best technical minds from industry are being called to work on the country’s biggest challenges, such as cyber security and new emerging technology, with the launch of a new Digital Secondments Programme scheme which is now open for applications.


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